After not having any form of website at my personal domain I've decided to do some more with it. Keeping track of my IT journey and documenting stuff for myself and others.

Deciding to start blogging was the first step, after that came the question about how to run it :-) I prefer having my blog somewhere steady, where I don't have to think about the power or connection. That rules out running it at my NAS from home. This brings me to the question what kind of software will I use for it?

Looking for a lightweight solution on the internet I came across Grav , an opensource flat file cms. Perfect for a simple blog! No need for a SQL database which will consume resources. I prefer installing it myself and being able to manage things myself. I made a google cloud account and this blog is now running in the Google Cloud Platform. GCP gives me enought freedom to do things by myself, but without thinking about if the blog is still online :-)

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